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Welcome to Advanced Programming Concepts!

If you are looking for a Christian company that offers high quality Web development or custom software development, or just to help you find information technology solutions, you have "surfed" to the right place! See What's New at Advanced Programming Concepts!

Our company has the resources to help you solve problems (check out our products and services page for details). We've successfully done it for many other companies and we can do it for yours. Take a look at our resume and what our clients say about us for a clearer description of who we are. We specialize in helping you figure out what you really want and then helping you get it done.

We appreciate any feedback you are willing to give us regarding this website or your impressions of our company (e.g., compliments or suggestions for improvements).

Due to very large client commitments, we are temporarily postponing the acceptance of new applications (you can still apply but we can't review your site until our workload slows down) for the 2005 Advanced Programming Concepts Web Development Excellence Awards! If you know of a quality website that utilizes advanced concepts (design, coding, or graphics), apply for the award! (this is a free contest) Web Development Excellence Award Winner (do not copy this graphic)

Our Mission

"Our mission is to use our experience and innovation to help our customers be more effective. Through our talent and concern, we strive to exceed our client's expectations and to show the love of Christ in our business relations. In this process, we become an asset to our customers which will cause each to profit mentally, emotionally, and financially because of the results."

Company Overview

Advanced Programming Concepts has conducted business since 1986. We have a lot of experience in helping customers become more efficient through information technology. We are skilled at analyzing business needs and working with our customers regarding information technology decisions. We excel in designing and developing custom websites as well as custom software that can't be purchased off the shelf. Take a look at our company resume to see what types of projects we've been involved in.

What about our company name? Advanced Programming Concepts is unique in that it does not staff full-time employees. This actually is a true strength. Every team member of APC has a stable job in the high-tech industry, which provides each with security and a stable income. We all know and respect each other and we are able to take the experiences and training we gain from our full-time work and apply them to our customers' needs. In contrast, APC provides us (as part-time employees) with a wide variety of business experiences that both help us avoid burnout and actually enhance our worth to our full-time employers. Our competitors are so focused (and biased) on making a certain level of company income to stay afloat that they often grow stagnant in their ideas and techniques because they don't have time to continue learning. Our company structure helps APC remain stable and avoids the serious financial strains that many companies face in this industry. It allows us to offer competitive pricing AND high quality. That is an advanced concept!

Don't be concerned about being neglected once you become our client. We accept new accounts only when we can handle the responsibilities that go along with the project. If we do not feel we can adequately give you the service you deserve, we will be upfront with you. Please take a look at What Clients Say to get a very clear picture of what our company is all about.

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