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Web Development Excellence Award

This site has won the Advanced Programming Concepts Web Design Excellence Award for 2002! Click here to read about it!IMPORTANT! Due to very large client commitments, we are postponing the acceptance of new applications for the 2004 award. You are welcome to fill out the application but we will only process them when our workload slows down.

The Advanced Programming Concepts Web Development Excellence Award is one of the newest and most prestigious website design awards available on the Internet. If you have a website that has some pretty cool features or if you interested in receiving some quality recognition for the hard work that went into developing your site, then this award is for you!

Advanced Programming Concepts has created a very special award for outstanding websites...especially sites that use advanced concepts in design, coding, and graphics! --after all, that's what our company is all about and we want to offer this free award to websites that are impressive and demand technical respect.

Our committee is currently accepting applications for the 2004 award. If you know of a site that deserves this recognition, please fill out the entry form below. There are no fees involved in applying for and receiving this award. APC presents this award as a free service to the visionaries of the Internet! Winners will receive quite a few benefits!

Check out the criteria by which your site will be judged. See our list of Award Winners.

Winners will receive:

a memo of recognition and commendation (with several positive compliments that you can quote for marketing purposes)
the right to use the Advanced Programming Concepts Web Development Excellence Award Winner image on your winning site (upon winning, you will be provided with information on where to obtain and how to insert the HTML code for the image).
Automatic acceptance into the Winner's Circle where links to your website will be featured among the other winners for that year. This provides the following benefits:

It legitimizes your award (you can only be listed if you are a winner of the award)

It provides a link back to your site, which not only increases traffic, but boosts your link rating and ranking with many search engines.

It publicly displays your excellent site next to many of the best sites on the Internet!

the option to have a sharp-looking official certificate that can be hung in your company office or awards wall.

IMPORTANT: This award is NOT transferable! Winning sites can display the Advanced Programming Concepts Web Development Excellence Award Winner image ONLY on the site that won the award.

NOTE: If you do not win an award, you and your site will NOT be publicly listed as having applied for the award (no public embarrassment).

Judging Criteria

After you apply for the award, a committee will evaluate your creative site and will judge the site based on the following criteria:

Innovation (Does the site offer something new or unique over other sites in its class?)
Beauty (Is it pleasing to the eye?)
Functionality (Does the site provide a useful service to visitors? Is it easy to navigate through?)
Advanced concepts in site design/layout, coding, or graphics (What kind of advanced concepts were used or included that sets this site apart from others in its class?)
Business/Family-friendly. No pornography, racist statements, anti-religious sentiments, unnecessary portrayal of violence, gambling, or other similar immorality.

Also, you must be the owner/builder/manager of the site in order to apply for the award.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Application Form

ATTENTION! Due to an overwhelming number of applications, our judging panel is currently backed up. We are sorry but although we have a lot of the process automated, the judging takes place manually and this takes time. However, we will still accept your application and queue it up for judging. Please be patient (remember, this is a free service).

Fields proceeded with an asterisk (*) are REQUIRED. If you do not fill in these fields, your application will be not be accepted.

* Site name (this is the name that will be displayed in the Winner's Circle and printed on the optional certificate):

* Site address/URL (this URL will be linked to from the Winner's Circle):

* Site purpose (Why does your site exist? What service does it provide?):

* Advanced concepts used (Describe any advanced design, coding, or graphic work in the site. Also point out any innovation, etc. that you want our committee to be aware of. If you win, we might borrow similar wording in our acceptance letter which might be useful for your marketing purposes. Without accurate advanced concepts listed, your website will be rejected.):

* Your name (you must be associated with the site since you will be the contact person in the event the site wins an award):

*I have read and I understand the judging criteria for this award.

* Your e-mail address (this is how we'll communicate with you. This will not be publicly posted or shared with anyone outside of Advanced Programming Concepts):

Your postal address (this will not be publicly posted or shared with anyone outside of Advanced Programming Concepts--please enter at least list your city and state/country):

* How are you associated with the site? (Web master, owner, manager, client, etc.)

Other awards this site has won:

PLEASE click on Submit Application
only once!
It sometimes takes several seconds for your application to be saved to our database so please be patient!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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